What can a Localisation Project Manager do for your team?

A Localisation PM can work with your UX Design, or Development teams to ensure your services and brand’s message are ready for international markets.

What can a Localisation Project Manager do?

  • Contacting an extensive network of freelance linguists.
  • Quoting and making sure documents are ready for translation.
  • Keeping Translation Memories, Glossaries, or Term bases updated with CAT tools.
  • Managing the integration of Cloud translation tools with your CMS and TMS.

You can focus on running your business, and rest assured you’ll be getting:

  • Streamlined Translation Projects

As a localisation project manager, I can help you solve complex global language projects with massive content pipelines while building up great language assets specific to your domain and unique to your business.

  • Localised UX Strategy

After the content localisation project is set up, I can help you accurately funnel each content type through the relevant workflow and language service providers, while ensuring that everyone from customer service, UX design, development to marketing are aware of each localisation step.

  • Coherent Global Experience

Even as an external stakeholder, I can help you foster and facilitate cross-functional work, by bringing together language experts, designers, product and development before the build, to ensure the overall coherence of the brand and product experience, and deliver a delightful, global experience.

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