Portraits of a Translator

What can a Localisation Project Manager do for your team?

A Localisation PM can work with your UX Design, or Development teams to ensure your services and brand’s message are ready for international markets. What can a Localisation Project Manager do? Contacting an extensive network of freelance linguists.Quoting and making sure documents are ready for translation.Keeping Translation Memories, Glossaries, or Term bases updated with CAT…

A Portrait of a Translator as a Teenager

Any sense of self-importance that may come out of my words, note that this is all about honest self-promotion in the Digital Marketing era, in the context of the so-called online semiosphere, if you prefer. I’m just one of you, fellow wordsmiths, pulsing dimly like a photon among thousands of us.

The secret life of books: an apology for historical fiction

Intertextuality Everything begins when you smell a book like the first contact that invites you to understand its essence. And after this first contact, as you venture yourself through its pages, with Ariadne’s thread in your hand, have you ever felt the urge to follow it and find your way out of the labyrinth? Works…

A voyage to self-awareness: we are all stardust

Disclaimer: “Intellectual capacity is no guarantee against being dead wrong.” ― Carl Sagan, Cosmos At the beginning of a new year, I can’t help thinking that the Gregorian calendar is nothing more than necessary fiction to keep us all on the same page. Even so, 365/6 days is the amount of time the Earth takes…

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